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A Better Way to Take Your Vitamins


Around the Birchbox office, we get as excited about new serums as most people get about, say, their birthdays or a brand-new Justin Bieber track. What can we say? We’re invested in keeping our complexions smooth and line-free for as long as possible.

In addition to loads of SPF, the best way to protect your skin against premature signs of aging is by applying a potent serum day and night. They act like targeted skin boosters, sinking deep under the surface of your skin to deliver high concentrations of actives. Really, it’s the equivalent of feeding your complexion a truckload of vitamins. 

Lately, we’ve been using Vitivia’s innovative vitamin treatments, which come in single-use capsules that make it easy to know exactly how much to apply. Each capsule contains a high dose of pure vitamin A or C, both of which have major anti-aging benefits. 

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