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A French Pharmacy Shopping Spree with JolieBox



Earlier this week, I was in Paris for a hot second to meet with the phenomenal (or should that be trés magnifique?) JolieBox team. Naturally, I carved out some time to do some important on-the-ground research—namely, eating and pharmacie-raiding. Now it’s a well-known fact that the French are spoiled when it comes to skincare. Every block, you’ll find a pharmacy filled with products and brands that would make your head spin (and ours did). In addition to makeup artist favorites like Embryolisse, there are all sorts of things that you can’t get easily in the US. I asked JolieBox’s editorial director, Mathilde Lacombe, to give me a shopping list of her favorites. Here’s what we scooped up.

Bioderma Matriciane Firming Matrix Cream: “French girls love this brand. It’s famous for being very tolerant even if you have acne or dry skin. The texture is like a gel and not too oily. It moisturizes the skin very, very well—perfect for combination skin and you don’t have to use too much.”

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Must Haves On The Next Paris Trip

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